Fathil Asri


Aisy Mirza Mahadi, 5 years old changing clothes with one hand after his left hand breaks down and blighted by coconut milking machine 5 years ago at Taman Wira Jaya, Kok Lanas. 
Villager using wooden boat after friday prayer during massive flood in Kelantan early in January 2017
Body of older man being carried for the funeral in Kampung Cabang Tiga, Wakaf Geting which affected by flood in January.
Eleven years old Mirsudiar Aluj, a survivor of Pos Tohoi tragedy after being rescue from riverbank where five others died from drowning or starvation in Gua Musang on August 2015
Jury mark points from the centre of bird cage during recent competion for the final stage in Kota Bahru
Grandmother age 112 years old, Meriam Ismail after celebrates her 113 birthday with her great grandchildren Nur Anis Humaira Zulhilmi, aged 18 months in Kampung Jal, Ketereh, Kota Bharu.
A young boy walking in floods to safe place with two duck after non stop rain hits kelantan in 2017. 
Special Tactical Operation Rescue Malaysia (STORM) to save a life of stranded visitor gliding across the river of Sungai Terang in Jeli, Kelantan.
A local horse race in Wakaf Aik has become a popular event annualy in Bachok. 
Two villager on tree waiting for rescue boat in Rantau Panjang following the recent flood.
Fire and Rescue Department drop the aids from helicopter for flood victim on top of the hill in Manek Urai.
Firefighter working close to put out fire on workshop and shoplots in small town of Kuala Krai 
The colourful Wau (kites) has become main attraction for tourist to Kampung Kijang in Kota Bahru. 

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